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Grievance Policy

There may be times when a student has a complaint or grievance that he or she feels cannot be satisfactorily resolved through the ordinary channels. In such instances, the student may wish to file a written grievance regarding the matter.

The grievance process involves the following steps:

Step One: The student should first request a conference with the faculty or staff member who is directly involved in the matter. The student should discuss the issues and seek a resolution.

Step Two: If the grievance is regarding an education matter which cannot be resolved with the instructor the matter, then should be referred to the Chief Academic Officer. If there is no resolution with the Chief Academic Officer the matter should then be referred to the Chief Operating Officer/ President.

Step Three: If the grievance is regarding admissions/administrative matter then the complaint should be filed directly with the Chief Operating Officer/ President.

Step Four: After the above steps have been exhausted and if the grievance is still not satisfactorily resolved, the aggrieved party may present all facts relevant to the grievance in writing to the president requesting an impartial Grievance Committee Hearing.

Within 24 hours of receipt of a written request, the Committee must be formed, and a hearing must be scheduled. All parties concerned must be notified. The Committee will consist of staff or faculty members not involved in the matter in question.

All persons directly involved, or their representatives, must be present at the hearing. Both parties will be given the opportunity to discuss the grievance at that time. The Grievance Committee will then excuse the parties and immediately review and rule on the case. The decision of the Committee will be communicated to those involved in the grievance within 48 hours. The Committee decision will be final.

Any subsequent complaints by the aggrieved party may be filed with Illinois Board of Higher Education at 1 N. Old State Capitol Plaza, Suite 333, Springfield, IL 62701 or at

Complaints against this school may also be registered with the Accrediting Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine(ACAOM) at ACAOM policy on grievances can be found at

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