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Student Services


Tutoring Services

Tutoring services are designed not only to assist with students who are struggling with a specific topic, but for any student who wants extra help or practice in any subject. These services are available to any student who wishes to seek them.

Faculty Tutoring: Tutoring by faculty members is available to students upon request. Students must make an appointment with an instructor for this service.

Peer Tutoring: Peer tutoring is also available upon request. Tutoring sessions are available by appointment and must be scheduled with the Chief Academic Officer.

Academic Advising

Instructors will provide the majority of academic advising services. These services are designed to provide guidance for the student’s academic career. Advisement sessions can be made by appointment with instructors.

Student Counseling

CCOM offers academic advising for all students who have academic or personal concerns. Counseling is provided in strict confidentiality with the following exceptions: risk of harm to either the student or others, by order from legal authorities, or in cases of abuse or neglect. Personal advising is often provided within in the framework of a student’s academic advising. However, if the situation requires a professional counseling environment, referrals may be made to professional counseling services outside of the college. A fee may be required for outside counseling.

Career Services

A healthcare professional will face many choices after graduation, such as where they will work, what they will specialize in, and other exciting yet challenging decisions. CCOM’s Directors will serve as a resource for students seeking part-time employment. As CCOM is a new college it does not yet have graduates but anticipates graduate placement as a future need and will provide the needed career services its students will require. Career Seminars will be scheduled as a part of the college’s Practice Management courses to assist students in opening and managing a practice.

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