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Master the Science of Neuro-auricular Pain Abatement

CORE | A pain-management-focused training of Level 1 presented on-site as a live 3-day intensive

Master the Science of Neuro-auricular Pain Abatement

This live 3-day on-site training hosted by the Chicago College of Oriental Medicine covers Level 1 and offers medical professionals an accelerated curriculum with a pain-management focused deep dive into Auricular Medicine.

Successful pain management while reducing the need for opioids — a 60% reduction by one study[1] — is just one of the reasons for the use of auricular methods at leading medical institutions.[1-5] Other reasons for the evidence-based pain reduction that auricular methods support, include: cost reduction, access and efficiency, alignment with integrative approaches, and promise to provide a means for successful opioid tapering.[6-7] 

This course goes beyond auricular protocols and ear acupuncture for access to specific neural insights — a neurofunctional course that may very well transform your approach to pain management.

No matter your field, this course presents multi-modal tools such as manual stimulation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, needles, and laser, so that you can easily apply the methods learned within the scope of your practice. Start optimizing outcomes and addressing the multi-faceted complexity of pain.
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